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Remediation activity at the site is continuing to focus on Hotspot#1, with the core now having been partially exposed. For regular updates on works’ activity visit our facebook page by clicking the link at the top right hand corner of this page.


The next online Community Forum will be held on Wednesday September 7, 2022. To join the meeting use this link Community Forums will be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 8PM. If there are particular issues you would like to discuss, you can fill out the ‘contact us’ form on this site in advance of the meeting.


To listen to a recording of the most recent Community Forum, which was held on Wednesday 3 August see below.



A misting machine is in operation to help mitigate the type of odour that might be discernible beyond the boundary of the site depending, in part on weather conditions. Details of the masking-neutralising agent can be found here.


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Community Forum

The views of residents and talking with our community is important to us, which is why we have letterboxed updates on remediation works, conducted Community Forums and participated in meetings with resident, as well as  local and state government representatives since the commencement of remediation works. We will continue to talk with resident and government representatives because we are committed to transparency and openness.


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Remediation Works Timeline

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Tiến trình công việc khắc phục hậu quả

الجدول الزمني لأعمال الإصلاح

Remediation – August 2022

Activity throughout August will be focussed on the commencement of efforts to extinguish the core of Hotspot#1. The bulk of material still to be extracted is warm to hot waste, which will need to be placed on the laydown pad for cooling before transfer to the receiving cell. This material will have a predominantly burnt/charcoal odour.


All material will be treated with an odour masking/neutralising agent as it is excavated and after it has been placed on the Laydown Pad. Details of the misting and neutralising agent being used can be found here.


Infrastructure in the area where Hotspot#4 was previously located has been restored and is now subject to auditor verification and approval from the Environment Protection Authority.


A Human Health Risk Assessment to predict whether chemicals in the air could be responsible for odour or result in short-term or long-term health effects is available. The Assessment is not a health study monitoring specific individual health responses in the community.


To view a summary of the Report click here. The full Report can be found here.


Biện pháp khắc phục hậu quả – Tháng 6 năm 2021


الإصلاح - يونيو 2021


To view a summary of the Remediation Plan click here.


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Air Quality

Air Quality during the Remediation Works is being monitored through a range of measures and which are approved by the Environment Protection Authority.


Air Quality testing undertaken by Sunshine Landfill is independently analysed, verified and shared with the EPA, which states that “air quality monitoring has found no issues of concern with respect to human health to date and it expects there will continue to be no health impacts.”


A range of factors can influence odour levels beyond the site boundary, including cold temperature inversions, extreme heat, rainfall, and wind direction. They can also be influenced when waste that is buried deeply, is older and hotter is exposed because of excavation being undertaken as part of remediation works.


Air quality is measured against four key substances, which are carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds, which are a group of carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate.


Giám sát chất lượng không khí


مراقبة جودة الهواء

July 2022

Q2 2022

Q1 2022




Leachate and Water Discharge


  • Leachate is water that has percolated or ‘leached’ through permeable waste in the active cells within the landfill site.


  • Each active cell at the landfill has been constructed with specifically engineered clay liners under EPA auditor requirements. These that are designed to collect leachate in the base of the landfill cells.


  • The collected leachate is pumped through a designated pipeline and discharged into an onsite containment pond.


  • The containment pond is fully lined with clay and geo-membrane to prevent leakage.


  • The system used to capture and contain leachate is totally separate to the system used for groundwater and storm water collection and discharge.


  • There is never any mixing of leachates with ground and/or surface waters.


  • Leachate levels in cells are monitored and leachate quality is tested on a quarterly basis in line with the landfill’s Risk Assessment and Monitoring Plan (RAMP)


  • The landfill has an ‘as of rights USE’ to pump water into the Maribrynong River.


  • What is pumped into the river is groundwater and surface water runoff and NOT leachate.


  • Collected groundwater and surface water is pumped to a main sump and then discharged into the Maribrynong River as required.


  • The landfill monitors groundwater and surface water quality onsite as well as at locations both upstream and downstream from the point of discharge into the river.


  • The monitoring is undertaken quarterly as part of the landfill’s Risk Assessment and Monitoring Plan (RAMP)


  • The groundwater and surface water collection and discharge system is totally separate to the system used to collect and store leachate.

Nước rỉ rác và nước thải

Nước rỉ rác không được thải ra sông Maribrynong. Để xem chi tiết, bấm vào đây



  • Nước rỉ rác là nước đã thấm hoặc ‘thấm’ qua chất thải có thể thẩm thấu trong các ô hoạt động trong bãi chôn lấp.
  • Mỗi ô hoạt động tại bãi chôn lấp đã được xây dựng bằng các lớp lót bằng đất sét được thiết kế riêng theo yêu cầu của kiểm toán viên EPA. Những thứ này được thiết kế để thu gom nước rỉ rác ở đáy của các ô chôn lấp.
  • Nước rỉ rác được thu gom được bơm qua một đường ống được chỉ định và thải vào một ao chứa tại chỗ.
  • Ao chứa được lót hoàn toàn bằng đất sét và màng địa để ngăn rò rỉ.
  • Hệ thống được sử dụng để thu gom và chứa nước rỉ rác hoàn toàn tách biệt với hệ thống được sử dụng để thu gom và xả nước ngầm và nước mưa.
  • Không bao giờ có bất kỳ sự trộn lẫn nào của nước rỉ rác với mặt đất và / hoặc nước bề mặt.
  • Mức nước rỉ rác trong các ô được giám sát và chất lượng nước rỉ rác được kiểm tra hàng quý phù hợp với Kế hoạch Giám sát và Đánh giá Rủi ro của bãi rác (RAMP)



  • Bãi rác có ‘quyền sử dụng’ để bơm nước vào sông Maribrynong.
  • Những gì được bơm vào sông là nước ngầm và nước mặt chảy tràn chứ KHÔNG phải nước rỉ rác.
  • Nước ngầm và nước mặt được thu gom được bơm đến bể chứa chính và sau đó thải ra sông Maribrynong theo yêu cầu.
  • Bãi rác giám sát chất lượng nước ngầm và nước mặt tại chỗ cũng như tại các vị trí ở cả thượng nguồn và hạ lưu từ điểm xả vào sông.
  • Việc giám sát được thực hiện hàng quý như một phần của Kế hoạch Giám sát và Đánh giá Rủi ro của bãi rác (RAMP)
  • Hệ thống thu gom và xả nước ngầm và nước mặt hoàn toàn tách biệt với hệ thống thu gom và lưu giữ nước rỉ rác.

الراشح وتصريف المياه

لا يتم تصريف الراشح في نهر ماريبرينونج. لعرض التفاصيل ، انقر هنا


لا يتم تفريغ LEACHATE في نهر MARIBRYNONG.

  • الراشح هو الماء الذي ترشح أو “يرشح” من خلال النفايات المنفذة في الخلايا النشطة داخل موقع المكب.
  • تم إنشاء كل خلية نشطة في مكب النفايات باستخدام بطانات طينية مصممة خصيصًا وفقًا لمتطلبات مدقق وكالة حماية البيئة. هذه المصممة لتجميع العصارة في قاعدة خلايا المكب.
  • يتم ضخ العصارة المجمعة من خلال خط أنابيب مخصص وتصريفها في بركة احتواء بالموقع.
  • تكون بركة الاحتواء مبطنة بالكامل بالطين والأغشية الأرضية لمنع التسرب.
  • النظام المستخدم لالتقاط واحتواء العصارة منفصل تمامًا عن النظام المستخدم لتجميع المياه الجوفية ومياه العواصف وتصريفها.
  • لا يوجد أبدًا أي اختلاط للمادة المرتشحة مع المياه الجوفية و / أو السطحية.
  • يتم مراقبة مستويات العصارة في الخلايا واختبار جودة المادة المرتشحة على أساس ربع سنوي بما يتماشى مع خطة تقييم مخاطر مدافن النفايات ومراقبتها (RAMP)


تصريف المياه

لم يتم اختراق معايير جودة المياه.

  • مكب النفايات لديه “حق استخدام” لضخ المياه في نهر ماريبرينونج.
  • ما يتم ضخه في النهر هو المياه الجوفية وجريان المياه السطحية وليس العصارة.
  • يتم ضخ المياه الجوفية والمياه السطحية المجمعة إلى حوض رئيسي ثم تصريفها في نهر ماريبرينونج حسب الحاجة.
  • يراقب مكب النفايات المياه الجوفية وجودة المياه السطحية في الموقع وكذلك في مواقع أعلى النهر وأسفله من نقطة التصريف إلى النهر.
  • يتم إجراء المراقبة كل ثلاثة أشهر كجزء من خطة تقييم ورصد مخاطر مدافن النفايات (RAMP)
  • نظام تجميع وتصريف المياه الجوفية والسطحية منفصل تمامًا عن النظام المستخدم لتجميع العصارة وتخزينها.


The Sunshine Landfill DOES NOT ACCEPT HAZARDOUS WASTE. It is licenced to take only Solid Inert Wastes. Construction and Demolition Wastes. Shredded Tyres and Cleanfill.


There is a rigorous inspection protocol applied to the receipt of waste at the site. Trucks delivering waste to the site are subjected to video surveillance and each and every deposit of waste is inspected by a spotter.


Deposits are spread and inspected before delivery vehicles are permitted to leave the site. If any wastes other than those the landfill is licenced to accept are discovered during the inspection, they are reloaded onto the delivery vehicle and taken away.


Sunshine Landfill has always operated in accordance with its licence obligations.


WASTES NOT ACCEPTED at the site comprise Putrescible Wastes Inc Domestic Garbage and Foodstuffs. Green Organic Garden Wastes. Asbestos. Soluble Chemical Wastes. Liquid Wastes or Wastes Containing Excess Free Water. Offensive Wastes. Prescribed Industrial Wastes. 205 Litre Empty Containers (Drums) or Containers that have Contained Prescribed Industrial Wastes. Oil Filters. Whole Car & Truck Tyres. Gas Cylinders. Car Batteries & Rechargeable Batteries. Paints and Solvents. Cool Room/Refrigeration Panels.


The landfill site is not, in any way, accessible after business hours and is monitored by security video to protect against illegal dumping. There has never been an instance of illegal dumping at the site since it began operation in March 2015.


Chất thải bấm vào đây


النفايات انقر هنا

About Us

Sunshine Landfill commenced operation in March 2015 after receiving all necessary regulatory approvals from the Environment Protection Authority.


Sunshine landfill is not licenced to and DOES NOT ACCEPT HAZARDOUS WASTE and has protocols in place to ensure it continuously meets its licence obligations.


The landfill site is subject to video security surveillance.


The landfill site is currently NOT ACCEPTING WASTE as it remediates localised hotspots at the site. Suspension of waste acceptance will remain in force until further notice.


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